What’s Your Egg Count? | Block Spam Bots Following You on Twitter

I  recently read an article over at Mashable about Newt Gingrich’s Twitter followers being only 8% human, which got me thinking about how many spam bots/eggs/non humans I have following me.  So, I decided to look into it.  This is what I found.

  1. There is no easy way of looking at this via Twitter as a whole and blocking all.
  2. There are a couple applications that you can use to do this, but they cost money.
  3. I don’t really have many bots following me.
  4. It’s worth your time to block spammers.

The best way to fight spam on Twitter is by checking your followers daily and making sure they are human beings.  Another great way, and I do this all the time, which must be why I didn’t have many bots following me, is to immediately block and report spam when ever you get a spam message.

Tweepi.com is an application that is free if you want to jump on and start following people and unfollowing those that aren’t following you very easily. Be careful however how you use this power as you don’t want to be perceived as a spammer by Twitter and get your account suspended.  However, it is a good way to go in every once and a while and manage your account by cleaning out the clutter. Clutter being people who haven’t tweeted in over a year, people that aren’t following you, or people that you followed a while ago that maybe just aren’t tweeting information you find valuable or interesting.  You can eliminate spammers and eggs from followers, but you must get the paid version.

Manageflitter.com is another application, that again is great for cleaning up who you are following, but in order to clean up who’s following you, you must purchase the paid version.

So, why go to all the trouble and take the extra time to look into this and eliminate spammers from following you? Well for one thing it will show that you are vigilant with your account to those that follow you making you more trustworthy to follow.  Also, it helps to do your part to eliminate spammers from the Twittersphere.

Joan Woodbrey Crocker
‘Spam Fighter!’

Image: Deep Brain Diary