The Science of Social Media: The Guinness Book of World Record’s Larget Webinar Ever [with Dan Zarrella]

This is a recap from the Guinness Book of World Records’ Largest Webinar Ever: The Science of Social Media, put on my Hubspot’s Dan Zarrella.

MYTH: Ideas spread because they’re good.

An idea – good or bad – goes viral and spreads quickly at first, then slows down over time.

Zarrella’s Hierarchy of Contagiousness

Exposure > Attention > Motivation


MYTH: ‘Engaging in the Conversation’ is the most important thing on social media.

Dan found the more followers a Twitter account has, the less replies/mentions they make. Instead, highly followed accounts tweet far more links than less followed accounts.

Tweeting a lot of links has a correlation with having a lot of followers.

Don’t go after a lot of comments/views with sharing links on Twitter…you won’t get ’em.

More Facebook conversation does NOT mean more views. (It may even be negative.)

TAKEAWAY: If you can choose anything to do, post interesting content before chit chatting.

Make sure you use photos in your profiles.

MYTH: Don’t call yourself a guru.

Effect of using the following buzz words (better to ok):

  • Official
  • Founder
  • Speaker
  • Expert
  • Guru
  • Author

TAKEAWAY: Identify yourself authoritatively.

However, the more you talk about yourself, the less followers you’ll have.

TAKEAWAY: Stop talking about yourself.

There’s a power to positive thinking. You’ll have fewer followers and less sharing with negativity.

Linguistic types and Facebook sharing (negative vibes to positive):

  • Negative (negative)
  • Leisure (negative)
  • Anxiety (negative)
  • Numbers (negative)
  • Self-reference (positive)
  • Constructive (positive)
  • Work (positive)
  • Media (positive)
  • Learning (positive)
  • Positive (positive)
  • Sex (positive)

Most of your audience aren’t social media dorks, but they will help you spread your message.

Influence is contextual. It may not come from popular social accounts.


The more links you share, the less attention they’ll get.

TAKEAWAY: Don’t crowd your own content.

MYTH: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are bad days to post.

More Retweets happen on Thursday and Friday. Higher CTRs are on Saturday and Sunday. Higher unsubscribe rates happen on Monday and Tuesday. More Facebook shares happen on Saturday and Sunday.

TAKEAWAY: Use contra-competitive timing. [When the rest of the world is quiet, your message is a little bit louder.]


There’s a lot to social proof.

  • Adjectives/Adverbs: not so great
  • Nouns/Verbs: much better

The lower the readability, the more shareable content is. Don’t try to sound smart, try to sound readable.

TAKEAWAY: Utilize combined relevance. (like Marketing and Zombies)

MYTH: Please RT doesn’t work.

Please RT gets 4 times more RTs. If you ask for comments, you’ll tend to get more comments.

TAKEAWAY: Don’t forget your social CTA.

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