How to Setup Sparks on Google+

Google+ Logo (Google Plus Logo)Looking for something to share on Google+? Check out Sparks for ideas.

In the last post we looked at How to Setup a Hangout in Google+, so you could run your own group video chat. Today we’ll look at Sparks, which to be honest, not nearly as interesting. You’ve been warned.

Sparks are your “areas of interest” in Google+. In other words, they work a lot like Google Alerts, but are available through your G+ account.

You’ll find the Sparks link in your left hand column. By clicking on Sparks you’ll see a number of preset Sparks that Google has provided. Seeing how one of them is Cycling and the Tour de France is currently running, I’m guessing these will change over time.

You don’t need to let Google choose your Sparks, however. Just type in any area of interest in the Sparks field and Google will start retrieving news stories for you. While this isn’t as powerful as a regular or advanced Google search, or as thorough as Google Alerts, it is within your Google+ account, so there’s that.

Also, no one can see your Sparks, so go ahead and create a Spark for Captain & Tennille reunion tour…no one will know.

If you’d like a walk through of How to Use Sparks on Google+ I made a video you can watch on YouTube if it doesn’t appear below.

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    Some like it to the extent that they are ready to dump Facebook, while some find it annoying and feel that Google is copying Facebook and trying to make a scene.