Managing Your Google+ Privacy Using Circles

Google+ Logo (Google Plus Logo)How do you manage your privacy in Google+ (Google Plus)?

Yesterday we talked about How to Setup Your Google+ Account, and today we’re going to talk about how to manage your privacy.

The definition of privacy has changed over time, accelerated by the popularity of online social networks. If Google’s stated goal is to index all of the world’s knowledge, Facebook’s seems to be to get everyone to share everything…except with Google.

As with most social networks, people are concerned with managing their privacy…in short, who gets to see what. We want the benefits of social networking–connecting with old friends, generating new business connections, seeing photos of family members from away–but we don’t want to find embarrassing photos of ourselves making the rounds on the Internet. (Google “naked wizard” if you need an example. NSFW.)

Google+ gives us some great, easy-to-understand tools so that we can manage our privacy settings while on the network. The core of these privacy settings is by using Circles, which we’ll go into in our next blog post and video.

By creating these circles, you can determine who gets to see what information. You create circles for friends, family and business associates (for example), then you can decide who sees your most recent blog posts and who gets access to pictures of your baby.

A very cool feature in Google+ is the ability to “see” your profile through the eyes of a specific person or group. Not sure if your mom can see those photos from the Delta Tau Chi kegger? You can put her name into the “view as” field and see your profile as she would.

You can watch the video Google+ Privacy Settings on YouTube or down below.

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Next up: How to use circles in Google+ to control the flow of information.

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