How to Get Content Ideas with Google’s Wonder Wheel

Zombie Wheel. Er, I mean Wonder Wheel on Zombie Survival.Generate keyword-rich content for your website, blog, email newsletters and YouTube videos by using Google’s Wonder Wheel.

If you’re interested in increasing your online visibility, then you need to create quality content that engages your audience. There are many channels that you can use to distribute this content: your website, your blog, an email newsletter, online videos, photo sharing sites, social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, webinars, ebooks and more.

Many businesses struggle with how to create new content after they exhaust a few obvious topics. However, there are plenty of online tools that businesses can use to drill deeper, to find more long-tail search terms that they blog about or could create a webinar that would attract new business.

One of the tools that helps accomplish this–and is fun to play with as well–is Google’s Wonder Wheel. It’s a mashup of a mind mapping tool crossed with search results.

I created a short video of how to to use Wonder Wheel to create new content ideas for your own business.

You can watch the video below or check out How to Increase Your Online Visibility With Google’s Wonder Wheel on YouTube.

Rich Brooks
The wonder wheel goes round and round…

3 Responses to “How to Get Content Ideas with Google’s Wonder Wheel”

  1. Al Pittampalli

    What an amazing tool I didn’t know about. Great for idea generations, especially if SEO is a key part of your strategy.

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  3. Ecommerce.

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