How to Create Your Own Free Online Surveys

What’s the best online survey tool? With Google Docs you can create your own free online survey tool, collect data and get your responses in real time.

Whether you’re trying to get feedback on a recent event, a new offering, or if any of the bachelors are good enough for Ashley (fellow Mainer), an online survey is a perfect tool for collecting that data.

There are plenty of great survey tools on the market from Survey Monkey to Constant Contact. However, almost all of them cost money or have draconian limits on the number of surveys, questions and/or participants you can have.

While there are plenty of benefits to paid survey tools, often we just want a quick, free tool to take the pulse of our prospects and customers. That’s where Google Docs comes in.

You can use Google Docs to create free online surveys that you can share via email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or even embed into your website or blog.

Start by going to and choosing Form under the Create New pull down.

As you create your online form you’ll be able to choose from a number of different form types:

  • Text: short, free-form text answers
  • Paragraph Text: paragraph-length answers
  • Multiple Choice: choose one item from a visible list
  • Checkboxes: choose one or multiple items from a list
  • Choose from a list: choose one item from a pulldown menu
  • Scale: grade something on a scale
  • Grid: grade multiple items on a scale

Once you’ve completed your survey  you can share it with the world, or just a small subsection of the world. All of the answers are automatically saved to a spreadsheet in your Google Docs so you can review them later, export them, or create charts and graphs.

You can watch the embedded video or check out How to Create a Free Online Survey with Google Docs at YouTube. And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel if you found this helpful. Thanks!

Rich Brooks
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7 Responses to “How to Create Your Own Free Online Surveys”

  1. Justin Alan Childs

    I’ve been using this method for a while. A lot of people like to use it for registrations as it imports the traffic to a spreadsheet, making it easy to import into a customer base. Too bad the ‘Created by Google Docs.’ disclaimer remains there. I’m also uncertain how to track this as a Goal/Event in Analytics.

  2. therichbrooks

    Yeah, those two are definitely shortcomings. I’m actually creating another video that looks specifically at using Google Docs to create free contact forms, but it doesn’t appear you’re able to override those problems you’re experiencing.

  3. John

    Well, I was just reading your posting. Interesting. But Google moved from Google Docs to Google Drive now. Any suggestions ?

  4. Ray

    SoGoSurvey is in the technical and scientific survey business from almost a decade, and is slowly spreading its wings and are more concerned on offering a high end technical product, rather than gaining online popularity.

  5. AdrianD

    SoGoSurvey has fulfilled all my expectations from a survey tool and it is a tool that allows unlimited usage with it’s Enterprise Account at 59$/month

  6. AJJA

    Thank you. Saved me from a heap of bullshit the so called free online surveys offer. 

  7. AJJA

    No change john. It is so simple, even my nephew (8 years old) could send a survey to his colleagues in the class. (of course a simple one)