Crowdfunding: Taking Money From Strangers

Empy Pockets by Dan MoylyCrowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, ProFounder and Quirky can help you get your business, art show or music tour off the ground.

Let’s say you’ve got a brilliant business idea but the bank doesn’t agree with you. (Or you lack the collateral.) And your family and friends are all tapped out. Does that mean that you should give up and get back to your cubicle?

Thankfully, no. There are plenty of online resources for crowd funding; getting lots of little payments from your community, friends, colleagues and even strangers who like your idea.

In a recent segment I taped for 207, we looked at a number of sites like KickStarter, ProFounder and Quirky where creatives and entrepreneurs could turn to for seed money for their business ideas, music CDs, causes and more.

You can watch the segment below or over at the 207 website. Enjoy!

Rich Brooks
I Crowd Sourced My Hair Cut

Photo Credit: Dan Moyle

3 Responses to “Crowdfunding: Taking Money From Strangers”

  1. Al Pittampalli

    Crowdfunding is an example of the amazing wonder that the internet brings. In what other era in history, could this have been possible, to get patronage buy soliciting 1000s of small donations from strangers all across the globe. What an incredble phenomenon. Good interview, thanks for shedding light on this great trend.

  2. Dan Moyle

    Nice interview. A friend used Kickstarter to save his honey bee hives and add more. I contributed, and it was great. He ended up raising more than he anticipated. Thanks for sharing the information Rich!

    Side note – glad my photo came in handy. I once needed and “empty pockets” picture for an article and couldn’t find one, so I did it myself. It’s cool to see it on a blog I read. Cheers!

    (the article is here in case you’re interested in the mortgage down payment debate: )