Get Thousands of Worthless Followers on Twitter Overnight!

Zombie FollowersDear Rich,

I am attempting to increase my Internet Presence by increasing the number of followers I have on Twitter. I will follow everyone who follows me. We will both gain by this simple social media concept.

My twitter account is @######. Thanks in advance for your support.

–Follow Back in Farmington

Dear Follow Back,

Thanks for reaching out.

The problem with that simple social media concept is that it’s completely wrong. By autofollowing everyone (and everybot) that follows you, you’ll be following plenty of porn bots before the week is out. You’ll also have thousands or even tens of thousands of new followers…none of whom will be paying any attention to you because they’re too busy finding other people who will autofollow them back.

You should worry less about the number of followers you have on Twitter. You should put out great quality content via Twitter that’s of interest to your audience, and then the right people will start to follow you.

Whatever your area of expertise, I’m sure there’s plenty of great content you could create and your audience will find you. Whether your best platform is Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or your own blog, depends on who your audience is and where they like to hang out online.

Recently I saw a presentation by C.C. Chapman and he had a great line: pay more attention who you’re following, and less attention to who’s following you.

See you on the Twitter!

Rich Brooks
I Autofollow Interesting People on Twitter

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12 Responses to “Get Thousands of Worthless Followers on Twitter Overnight!”

  1. Leo Widrich

    Rich, this is a great post and it goes without saying that you are absolutely right. What’s way more interesting is the fun way you handled the situation and are presenting it to us here. I am sure it can teach a lot of people to grasp the human element about Twitter better.

    Let me throw this in my Buffer and follow you on Twitter! Thanks again for a great post! 🙂

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  3. Nick Stamoulis

    People still have this misconception that the number of Twitter followers that they have matters. If you have 10,000 followers, but none of them are engaged, it’s useless. It’s better to have a small following of people that actually interact with you.

  4. Anonymous

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  5. UK Money Lab

    Although you’re certainly right about quality over quantity and attracting good followers through good content I just don’t know what to think of it – on the one had you preach about the right use of Twitter, on the other hand though you’re using misleading article title to lure in people from search engines. “Get thousands of worthless followers on Twitter overnight!” (with an exclamation mark, mind you) and all your content holds is a goody-goody talk… 

  6. therichbrooks

    How is this a misleading title? It’s 100% sarcasm. You guys have sarcasm in the UK, right? Hell, there’s no better, drier sense of humor in the world than British humor! (I mean humour. My bad.)

  7. UK Money Lab

    In that case please accept my apologies for misinterpreting your intentions. Anyway I just became your 7919th follower… ;]