What Are The Best Answer Sites on the Web?

Answer Sites on Web InterviewSometimes Google just isn’t the right place to get an answer on the web. Maybe you need an opinion, or the question hasn’t been asked before, or you need the wisdom of crowds.

Because of this, many question and answer sites now populate the web. In a recent segment on 207, Maine’s premiere evening new program, I talked about a few of these answer sites, including Quora, Aardvark and LinkedIn Answers.

All three sites offer unique approaches to getting your questions answered. Quora has a great sense of community, and many well known personalities ask and answer questions there. Aardvark is often a place to get an answer quickly, often in 10 minutes or less.

LinkedIn Answers is a great place to ask business questions of the LinkedIn community or answers questions yourself and establish your expertise there. I’ve often posted business questions such as “what do you charge clients for travel time?” and “how many times will you leave unreturned voicemails before giving up on a sales prospect?” Often, I’ll get dozens of great answers which I then turn into a blog post…giving credit to the best answers, of course.

You can watch the video on the 207 website or down below.

Rich Brooks
I Don’t Have All the Answers…So I Look Them Up

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