Post to Your Facebook Business Page As You…And More!

Facebook rolled out some changes to their Pages this week that should give businesses more control over their presence on Facebook. Here’s a quick overview of what page administrators are likely to see.

When you visit your Facebook Page you’ll have the opportunity to “upgrade” your business to the new page style, to take the tour or to preview what your page will look like. Below are some screen captures from the tour.

Your latest photos will show up at the top of the page, just like they do on your personal profile. Fans photos won’t appear here, and you do have the ability to delete/hide photos.

The navigation now appears on the left column, similar to the profile pages on Facebook. File under “Big Whup.”

Posts won’t necessarily appear in chronological order only. You can promote specific posts, making you look even more popular than ever. Better hope that someone slamming you isn’t the most commented and liked post on your wall. Right, Cooks Source?

“Use Facebook as Your Page.” That’s a confusing turn of phrase, but basically you can use Facebook as your page in the same way you would as yourself…within reason.

Actually, it’s the first bullet that’s the most interesting I think: “Get notifications when fans interact with your page or posts.” This is a great new feature, as in the past someone could put up some Acai Berry spam on your wall and you might not notice it for days. Up until now I’ve been using Nutshell Mail, which sends you an email which includes new posts on your wall, whether from you or a Fan.

There are some new features in the administration panel as well. Facebook now lets you “set defaults for your email notifications and how you post to your page.”

SWEET! That was the number one request we heard from clients who have Facebook pages…the ability to comment and like items as themselves. To do so you just need to edit the setting in the admin area.

There’s no turning back now…once you upgrade your page there’s no CTRL-Z. However, Facebook is going to kick you to the new design in March anyway, so there’s little reason (that I see) to hold back.

The new features and controls administrators now have over their pages make the switch well worth it.

What do you think about the new layout and features of the Facebook Page Makeover?

Rich Brooks
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27 Responses to “Post to Your Facebook Business Page As You…And More!”

  1. Scott Walker

    Great summary. Like the ability to interact using the page identity. Thanks for pointing out the post-as-yourself feature – I had missed that entirely. One thing I wish Facebook would allow is photostreams at the top of the page, which would allow small businesses to get visually creative.

  2. Sue

    THANK YOU!! This answers a lot of questions we had and were trying to find a work-around for on our Facebook page.

  3. therichbrooks

    Well, you can add photos that appear at the top of your wall, or are you looking for something else? Also, you could create a photostream of some sort using FBML on your landing tab.

  4. Jamie Martin

    I was so excited when I got the email with this Facebook news this week. I have been lamenting that you cannot Like other pages or comment on other pages as a Fan page. Great options they have added! I will no longer have to rely on Nutshell Mail anymore either.

    I have already changed over to the new format and started Liking pages. Being able to Like my fellow organizers’ pages via the NAPO Chicago FB page will be beneficial to our chapter members.

  5. Crittle16

    I don’t understand how to share/comment on my business Facebook page now that I’ve updated. Can anyone help? I’m really confused.

  6. therichbrooks

    All you’ll need to do is just go to your business page and leave a comment just as you would if it weren’t your page. Just write to the wall.

  7. princess1283

    I don’t see where to write on wall. The news feed/publisher is no longer at the top. I’ve tried looking in settings, edit page, manage perm, etc. I can’t seem to figure out how to post.

  8. Bumpy

    Was working beautifully until last night, now I can’t post comments, add pictures, switch back to my personal page, Edit the business page – nothing! Help!!

  9. Gamer

    Hi I’m having a problem Liking pages as my business page. It gives me an error message “Oops something went wrong”.
    Any suggestions on how to fix this?

  10. Mold

    This website has got lots of extremely useful stuff on it! Thank you for helping me!

  11. Roseworksjewelry

    Thanks for this post! I’ve had the new layout for awhile but hadn’t had the time to sit down and figure it all out šŸ˜›

  12. Samb Gray

    Thanks for providing information about facebook. I think new facebook page is more good looking then old page. Ā  Ā 

  13. EssEll

    I CANNOT find ANY info on-line about how to properly prepare my business page’s WALL photos so that I can get the desired size and cropping after FB gets done with their bizarre rendering of them. (Why can’t they just leave my pics alone, assuming I’ve sized them properly??? I even re-size and re-crop them to match what it appears FB wants, and they distort them all over again!!!)Ā  Does anyone have any info on this topic??? THANK YOU!

  14. therichbrooks

    Hmmm…I’ve never seen FB crop wall photos, although they do resize them as necessary. Do you want to include a link so we can see what you’re dealing with?

  15. EssEll

    Our business page is at — as you can see, there’s text at the bottom of each wall photo; I’ve gone through a few iterations trying to get my photos sized/cropped properly so that the entire intended image will show, but I can’t get it to. These aren’t overly large images, either.

  16. EssEll

    I did just finally try another step that seems to have worked, or at least gotten me very close to what I wanted. Facebook absolutely DOES crop posted photos, though. All the photos I posted had a white margin, and FB cropped all that out. Don’t quite get it yet, but I can live with what I have. Wish I understood it better though!

  17. therichbrooks

    Yeah, it’s looking better now. Also, I was confused because when I hear “wall photos” I’m thinking the photos from the posts on the wall. What you’re referring to is often called the Facebook Photo Strip, I think.

    Anyway, looking good!

  18. EssEll

    Thank you for that clarification; I hadn’t heard that before. But do you know of any on-line resources for figuring out how to size/crop these FB strip photos? I still want to understand it if at all possible; there’s got to be some spec or formula for it, I’d think!

  19. GreenSlym14

    I have a question! How come when I wanted to create a page for a business there’s a red bar after loading that says “Please enter City/State”? I already entered the city/state. I’m from the Philippines. Need help, badly!

  20. meigh

    did u find the answer? I have the same problem here..Ā