The Best of SMX: The Essence of SEO from Nicki Hicks

Nicki as SMX Spokesperson

SMX is a popular search engine conference that set up shop in NYC this week. Flyte sent our search engine marketer, Nicki Hicks, and our vice president, Cybele Brooks, to learn the latest on what’s new in search.

Nicki was “live blogging” from the event, and I’d like share some of her posts here. (It’s either that or come up with my own stuff, and this seems much easier.)

  • The Real Time Search & Social Landscape: A panel of Google, Twitter, Yahoo & Bing on what real term search means and what they offer. Interesting stuff: Twitter handles 12,000 search queries…A SECOND! What? Also, the slides from the Bing representative are pretty interesting.
  • Inner View: Google’s Keyword Research Tools: An overview of Google’s keyword research tools with links. Interesting tidbit: 70% of searches have no exact keyword match. (I find this nearly impossible to believe.)
  • What’s New with Local Search: Overview of what’s new with Google maps, lots of tools for improving local search results (with links), Facebook Places, and a touch of mobile thrown in for good measure.
  • Location Services: The New Local Search? Feedback from Foursquare advertisers, and their increased interest in Facebook Places and Yelp; changes in local search; and some info on Yelp.
  • Keynote Conversation with Yelp COO Geoff Donaker: An overview of Yelp today. Seems to me that they need to make their mobile offering much more robust if they want to take market share away from Foursquare and Facebook Places.
  • Facebook SEO: Free Ways to be Found on Facebook: Lots of nuggets of information about SEO in and outside of Facebook for FB pages.
  • Actionable Metrics and Diagnostics: Tips on how to maximize Google Webmaster Tools; also some good Q&A captured here, and some REALLY good stuff on social media metrics, specifically what questions to ask.
  • Credit Where Credit is Due: Demystifying Attribution: Some talking points about how to determine what touch point made the sale and how to measure it. Will have to ask Nicki more about this, as I was left scratching my head. Could be I’m just not smart enough to understand this math stuff.
  • SEO & Competitive Analysis: Information and tools for finding out what your competition is up to…SEO wise; lots of good ideas and tools in this session.
  • Analytics for Social Media: A lot of information on what to measure, but seems to be targeting companies/brands that are big enough to have a lot of buzz (an ongoing point of frustration for me.)

Obviously lots of great stuff here from Nicki. If it all seems overwhelming you can look forward to some video interviews I’ll set up with Nicki over the next week or so to put some of the highlights into easier to digest form.

Rich Brooks
Maine SEO