Facebook Marketing: Make Your Facebook Page Photos More Social

A Full House at #ftw2010 - Sam Cousins

A great way to increase and engage your Facebook fan base is to post photos of an event and invite your fans to tag themselves and their friends.

That was the plan for our Social Media FTW Conference. We had two photographers at the event; Angela Coulombe and Sam Cousins. Angela posted a gallery of FTW 2010 photos under her personal account (and made it public) while Sam gave me a thumb drive of photos to upload it to the Social Media FTW Fan Page at Facebook.

As I uploaded Sam’s photos to an album on the FTW fan page I tagged a bunch of friends, then posted the album and asked our fans and Twitter followers to tag themselves.

Unfortunately most of my tags didn’t “stick” and apparently no one could tag themselves or their friends.


Sam reached out to me and explained a few things that I’d like to pass on:

Standing Room Only - Angela Coulombe

Don’t Tag While Uploading. If you’re uploading a lot of photos (like I was) and tagging friends and writing captions on the first page…don’t. Facebook is pretty inconsistent and a wee bit flaky when it comes to uploading all those photos at once. Better to upload the photos first then go back and do your tagging (and captions) after the fact.

Letting Fans Tag Is Not the Default. It’s probably just easier to let Sam explain this:

Here’s the fix.


The “REPLACEME” is the ID for your page. (look for the PID or ID in one of the links)

That’ll take you to the page which allows you to a) let fans add photos to your fan album and b) tag photos.

As far as I can tell, there is no link anywhere else that takes you to that page.

As hard as it is to believe that there isn’t a link that goes to that page, I just spent 15 fruitless minutes looking for it. If you know an easier way to get there, please let us know!

In any case, by tagging your photos and allowing fans to fill in the blanks with more tagging, you can encourage activity at your page and draw attention to your event and business or organization.

Rich Brooks
Starved for Attention

2 Responses to “Facebook Marketing: Make Your Facebook Page Photos More Social”

  1. Greg

    Hey there…I am really digging some of this facebook infomation. Very helpful overall. This one, however, has me stumped. I don’t get the REPLACEME. Where will I find the ID to use? If I hover on one of my page’s photos, I see the link with ‘ID=’ but when I replace in the link, it just takes me to my page’s landing page. He’p me!