Blog Post Ideas from WordTracker Labs’ Keyword Questions

One thing that all bloggers struggle with at one time or another is “blogger’s block”: the inability to create killer content for your audience.

In fact, after “I don’t have time to blog,” the biggest excuse I hear on why people don’t to blog is “I don’t know what to blog about.”

Well, if that’s your big concern, worry no more. Flyte’s own search engine marketer, Nicki Hicks, showed me this great web site from WordTracker Labs that pulls questions asked of its partner search engines around your keywords. the tool is called Keyword Questions.

For example, let’s say you have a blog about HR (human resources.) You type in “HR” to the search box and away you go. I’ve found that putting in really short keywords works better; trying to refine your keyword phrase will return too small a sample. Since this tool already brings back “long tail” results you don’t need to worry about over filtering.

WordTracker Labs then goes out and finds all the questions posed with “HR” in the search. These are questions real people asked at the partner search engines. Since the “partner search engines” are only about 1% of the total search market (according to a post I found at Digital Point that came from someone who appears to work for WordTracker) the number of people who are actually asking these questions is probably dramatically higher.

A few seconds later you’ll see the next few posts you can create. Just take the question asked, make it your post title, and then answer the question in your blog post.

  • Monday you write “Why Do We Need an HR Strategy?”
  • Tuesday you write “Why is HR Important?”
  • Wednesday you write “How Can HR Contribute to an Organization’s Competitive Performance?”
  • and so on.

I think you can skip “Who Played H.R. Pufnstuf?” although I’d keep it in my back pocket for a rainy day. Or maybe turn it into, “What Can H.R. Pufnstuf Teach Us About H.R.?”

I even created this embarrassing video called How to Create Killer Blog Content With Keyword Questions at YouTube. Enjoy.

Rich Brooks
Ready for American Idol?

6 Responses to “Blog Post Ideas from WordTracker Labs’ Keyword Questions”

  1. Ken

    Hi Rich,

    Nice article – and nice video!
    You’re right, entering one keyword is the best.
    HR people should try typing in ‘sick’ – some fun results and insight into the human condition.
    Best wishes,

    Ken McGaffin
    CMO, Wordtracker

  2. Jennifer


    I have a blog question: The company I work for,, has a blog that I’m in charge of. We try to post one or two times a week. I notice a lot of companies have blogs on dedicated URLs. We sell custom-printed reusable grocery bags, so without this blog content, our website will pretty much be static content and I know the Google Gods don’t like that. Is there a clear benefit to having a dedicated URL for your company blog with regards to SEO?


  3. therichbrooks

    There’s pros and cons to having blogs on “dedicated” URLs. Flyte has one because when we first started, we put our blog on TypePad which is a hosted solution. That meant we HAD to have our blog on a different URL.

    We could combine the two now, but because we have built up such trust at both URLs ( & that it doesn’t make sense in my opinion.

    If we were starting from scratch today I’d probably keep them all on the same URL just for ease of use.

    So in short, you’re doing fine. 🙂

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