Early Bird Discounts for Social Media FTW

Early last year I got together with my friends Chrystie and Jaica and we decided to put on a social media conference. We had all recently spoken on social media topics and the rooms were filled with business people who were curious about what social media marketing was all about.

So we created Social Media FTW (for the win), an organization that would put on conferences about how businesses and non-profits could use social media to reach new audiences, build awareness and create deeper connections with customers and stakeholders.

Last year we put on the first annual Social Media FTW Fall Conference. It was a half-day affair with dozens of speakers and it sold out fast. In fact, we had a waiting list of over 50 people. People showed up without a ticket that day and just asked to be let in if someone didn’t show. There were sitings of some people outside holding up one or two fingers with hand made “I NEED A MIRACLE” signs. (Unconfirmed.)

This year, FTW’s going to be even bigger. We’ve got a full day of workshops, more networking and great speakers (who we’ll be announcing soon.) Based on feedback from last year we’re including beginner and advanced tracks on many topics. The networking bar is back and we’ll be serving you lunch as well.

To help keep ticket prices down we’ve got some great sponsors involved, including Constant Contact, FairPoint, JobsinME.com, flyte new media and others we’ll be announcing soon. In fact, the whole day, including the workshops, lunch, snacks and networking is only $149!

As good as that price is, we have a limited number of Early Bird Discount tickets for only $99! However, when they run out–or by August 6th, whichever comes first–they’re gone for good. Here’s our good friend Mark Nutting to explain more:

Unfortunately, there was some misunderstanding about who was going to be the spokesman for the ad.

So don’t hesitate, reserve your early bird ticket now.

Rich Brooks
Social Media FTW Co-Founder