How Do My Prospects Find My Blog?

Dear Rich,

If I start a blog and post something for the first time–say on paint safety and wood–how do people interested in paint safety and wood find what is posted on the blog?

–Blogging in Bethel

Dear Blogging,

Blogging can be a powerful method to increase your online visibility, but a single post is the proverbial needle in the haystack. If that haystack was 20 stories tall. And hiding behind a bigger haystack.

I often tell people not to even publicly announce a blog until they have a critical mass of posts…anywhere from 5 to 25 posts. The more posts you have at your blog, the richer the blog becomes, the more intra-site links the blog has, and the more opportunity people have to find it through a search engine.

One big question I would have is how many people are searching for “paint safety and wood?” Is this a common concern of your audience? Or are they searching for “tips on painting wood” or “how to paint a wood chair” or “indoor painting tips and advice?” If these were more common searches, then creating blog posts around these topics and including information on safety might be a better approach.

I’m not saying “paint safety and wood” isn’t a popular search; I haven’t done a keyword analysis so I don’t know. One of the biggest mistakes business bloggers make is skipping over a keyword analysis to just start blogging. If online visibility is one of the goals of your blog, then you need to blog on the keywords that your audience is searching for.

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are all places where businesses promote recent blog posts. At flyte, we highlight some of our favorite blog posts in our monthly email newsletter for cross-promotion.

For a more detailed list of how you can market your blog to drive more traffic to it, be sure to check out my earlier post, 25 Ways to Promote and Market Your Blog.

Rich Brooks
Business Blog Marketing

Photo Credit: Horia Varlan