Four Advanced Strategies to Move the Needle on Your SEO (Webinar with SEOmoz’s Rand Fishkin)

Four Methods to Accelerate Your SEO

  1. Increase rankings on individual results
  2. Earn rankings in alternative results types
  3. Improve visibility in the long tail
  4. Better convert existing search traffic

1. Strategies to Boost Individual Results

Competitive Analysis Process

Step 1: Determine weak vs. strong metrics

  • Determine value vs. difficulty (Low difficulty + good search volume + high conversion rate = WIN) (How difficult is your keyword?)
  • Paid search is a great way to test the value of a keyword

Step 2: Establish Analysis Process

  • More root domains linking to the page
  • Possibly more subtelty in anchor text
  • Possibly higher value/relevance in links

Linkbait Ideas:

  • Exact match domains (be careful here, and only use what makes sense)
  • Widgets and badges (Example:
  • Embeddable infographics (Example: this infographic)
  • Content & technology licensing (Example:
  • Link attraction targets with regular updates (Example: SEOmoz’s SE Ranking Factors – SEOmoz updates the same page with their biannual article, adding to the link juice collected from previous articles)

2. Earn Rankings in Alternative Results

Video Results & YouTube

  • Huge opportunities for video by creating a keyword rich title, keyword rich URL, and good screenshot
  • Title your blogpost containing your video something different than your YouTube video title – that way you’re not competing with your own video
  • YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine = huge opportunity
  • Possible YouTube Ranking Factors
    • Title/description
    • Video length
    • Number of comments
    • Propencity for people to view video all the way through
    • History of account uploading video

Local & Maps Results Tips

  • David Mihm just updated his Local Ranking Factors article
  • Make sure your Google Maps result name matches your name, phone number, and address exactly
  • Google will remove suspicious looking reviews, so gather them organically

Image Results Tips

  • Not necessarily associated with traditional ranking factors
  • For certain industries, image search can be among the highest converting traffic (but watch for first click attribution)
  • Possible Google Image Search Ranking Factors:
    • Size – image has to be at least a certain size and below a certain size
    • Relevancy – Google’s doing a great job matching relevancy for images

News Results Tips

  • Start by getting site submitted to Google News results, you can do that here
  • Rand thinks Google incorporates Real Time Search into News Results
  • Including an associated thumbnail image will increase click through rates

Real Time Results Tips

  • Real time results don’t get a great click through rate
  • HOWEVER, posts and links that get Tweeted a lot will do better for real time results and where real time results are used

Blog Results Tips

  • If you have a blog and it has an RSS feed, you can appear in Google Blog Results
  • Continue creating keyword rich titles to do well hear

Shopping Results Tips

3. Improve visibility in the long tail

25% of queries searched on Google each month are entirely unique and have never previously been searched for in the engine’s 10+year history. -Udi Manber, Head of Search, Google

  • How the long tail works
  • The long tail is much less competitive
  • It’s difficult to compete here, because you can’t (really) do keyword research for it
  • You’ve got to create high quantities of unique content (forums and Q&A sites are great ways to combat this)
  • Is Blogging a Long Tail Strategy? Not necessarily. (Examples of great long tail strategies: NY Times, Wikipedia, IMDB)

Long Tail Strategies:

  • Paid content writers
  • Tweets and social updates as content
  • User-generated Content (UGC), Examples: Webmaster World, Yahoo! Answers, HowStuffWorks,, Reddit, Ezine articles, Etsy, SlickDeals

4. Better Convert Existing Search Traffic

Conversion Rate Optimization Funnel

  • Visits to your website (100,000)
  • Visits to landing page (25,000)
  • Add to cart (500)
  • Complete checkout (250)
  • Customer lifetime value ($850)

Rand’s review of “Influence: Science & Persuasion”: An Illustrated Guide to the Science of Influence & Persuasion

Conversion rate strategies:

  • Anchoring with pricing (Ordering highest price to lowest price, left to right)
  • Pre-selected options (most popular, pre-selected, etc)
  • Social proof (positive review with picture of person)
  • Scarcity (Example: airlines proclaim “2 seats remaining!”)
  • Reciprocity (Share with a friend and get more, example: Dropbox)

Rand Fishkin, SEOmoz, @randfish

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