Maine SEO Project: Signal Communications (Blog & SEO)

Signal CommunicationsFlyte recently wrapped up another SEO project; this one for Signal Communications (or SigCom) – a company specializing in emergency communication and alerting products.

SigCom offers a variety of high quality emergency communication products and accessories, including:

With an already great looking website, flyte gave the a minor facelift, along with optimizing it. Then, to really give SigCom a competitive advantage, we built them a blog.


I’ve talked about it numerous times, but for many companies, blogging and creating fresh new content is just the catalyst they need to get a ton of qualified traffic.

So if you’re looking for a great new emergency system, alarm stations, or incident reporting, look no further than Signal Communications.

If you’re looking for a blog to increase your search engine visibility, look no further than flyte.

Nicki Hicks
Maine SEO