How to Set Up Google AdWords: Step 8

Create ad and keywords: Placements

Now that you’ve got your keywords in place; remember how when you chose to show your ads in the Content Network, I said you could choose which content networks later?

Later is now.

If you decided that Google couldn’t pick relevant content networks, or if you have website(s) or blog(s) in mind where you know you want your ad, this section is for you.

Or perhaps your know a content network where you don’t want your ad to populate. This section is also for you.

Simply list the website(s) and blog(s), as Google does. For those sites/blogs where you’d rather your ad not show up, put the (-) negative in front, similar to a negative keyword.


You might be saying to yourself: I don’t know which sites I want or don’t want to show my ad. No biggie. Leave this box blank. Once you gather data, you’ll know which content networks you’re getting impressions, traffic, and conversions from, you might want to exclude those sites not converting and basically decreasing your conversion rate as a result.


You’ve successfully added placements for your ad in the Content Network! Next time, we’ll move on to the joys of billing.

Nicki Hicks
Yes there is a Step 9