How to Set Up Google AdWords: Step 2

Create your first campaign: Location, Language, and Demographics

You’ve already set up your AdWords account, now it’s time to create your first campaign. There are four easy steps:

create first campaign

Click the “create your first campaign” button.

For the purpose of this series, I’m going to pretend that I’m creating a campaign for a pet store, with one location in Portland, Maine.

google adwords campaign settings

Choose a name

Think of something a little more specific than “Campaign #1”. If you start creating multiple campaigns, you’ll quickly forget which is which.

My first campaign will be some general ad stores. (I want to get an idea of how it does before I create more specific ads around pets: dogs, cats, fish, etc.). So I’ve called it “pet store”.

Choose your location

I chose Maine; but notice that you can choose your state, United States, United States and Canada, etc. By clicking “select one or more  other locations,” you’ll be able to choose locations visually on a Google Map.

Local Business? You can also show relevant addresses with your ads. This is also known as local or ad extensions, and it wasn’t long ago that Google began populating your AdWords ads in Google Maps. All you have to do is connect your AdWords ad with your Local Business Center account (or simply input your address):

relevant addresses

Choose your language

‘Nuff said.

Choose your demographic

Selling high-end women’s clothing? You might want to separate your demographic to women within a certain age range:

deographic bidding

As a pet store owner, I’m simply going to exclude the 0-17 year old demographic; assuming everyone outside of that range could theoretically own (and care for) a pet.


You’ve successfully completed part of the campaign setup process! Tomorrow we’ll cover Networks, Devices, and Extensions.

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