How to Set Up Google AdWords: Step 1

Setting up your Account

Go to Google AdWords.

If you’ve already set up your AdWords account, then you needn’t go further. Stay tuned for Step 2.

Google AdWords start nowIf you’ve never signed up for AdWords before, click the ‘Start now’ button on the upper right hand side of the page.

If you already use a Google product…

Even if you currently use Gmail, iGoogle, or another Google product, you still have to create your account. Choose the following options and login with your account.

already have google account

If you do not currently use a Google Product…

You’ll have to go through the steps of creating an account.

do not have google account

Set your timezone and currency

This is pretty self explanatory; but evidently you cannot change these settings once they’ve been setup. So don’t go messing around by setting Uruguayan time. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

time zone currency


You’ve completed Step 1 of creating your account. Stay tuned tomorrow, where we’ll talk about setting up location, language, and demographics for your campaign.

Nicki Hicks
Now on to the fun stuff…