How to Add Photos and Videos to Your Tweets [Twitter Mailbag]

TwitterThe other day a friend asked me how to add photos and videos into a tweet on Twitter.

Right now, there’s no way to include anything but 140 characters of plain text in Twitter, but using URL shortening tools like or you can do the next best thing; embed a link to a photo, video, or anything else on the Internet.

Desktop tools like TweetDeck can simplify the process with drag and drop simplicity, but even without TweetDeck there are some quick and easy ways to do it.

In the video “How to Add Photos & Videos to Your Tweets” I show how you can use these simple tools to create more value for your followers.

If you’ve got any questions on Twitter, social media, or anything related to Web marketing, feel free to ask me on Twitter. I’ll do my best to answer it and create a helpful little video to boot.

Rich Brooks
Twitter Mailbag Guy

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