How Do I Edit Google Analytics Scheduled Reports?

About a year ago, a client requested to receive weekly Google Analytics reports; a request I was more than happy to oblige. In order to stay on top of the client’s statistics, I added my own email to the list.

Now, months later, our contract has been completed and I’m still receiving those pesky emails. While I’m ecstatic my client’s website continues to perform well, it’s become annoying that Google Analytics emails me every Monday clock work.

This morning I decided to do something about it.

After some searching, I found the current Google Analytics Help section on the topic is somewhat out of date, having been written before one of the minor redesigns.

In an effort to help others pestered with the same annoyance I was having, the solution is simple.

Go into “View Reports” of the account in question. On the left hand menu, you’ll see hiding under “My Customizations”, an Email button:

email settings

Once here, you can change, manage, or update any of your scheduled reports!

Nicki Hicks
Happily no longer receiving GA reports

2 Responses to “How Do I Edit Google Analytics Scheduled Reports?”

  1. Chris

    Ah, you’ve found out how to edit the *schedule* but not the *scheduled reports* as your subject line implies.

    If you work out how to start at that schedule and load up the report so you can make changes to it, please let me know.

    Beyond that I think I have to resort to deleting the report and creating a new one from scratch.

  2. Nicki


    Scheduled reports will automatically send whatever is on your Dashboard. If you want to change what’s on the report, you can remove the boxes on your Dashboard – or add pages by clicking “Add to Dashboard” at the top of deeper report pages.

    Happy reporting!