Are You Getting All Your Mentions on Twitter?

I was doing a little experiment the other day. I had inserted the brain from a cadaver into this robot I’ve been building…wait, that’s more appropriate for my other blog.

I was doing a different experiment to see if I could reduce the number of API calls TweetDeck makes to Twitter on my behalf. (I know, I’m a geek.) I figured that since a request to Twitter for my mentions (@therichbrooks) takes one API call and a search on “@therichbrooks” doesn’t require any API call, that I could just substitute one for the other.

In other words, searching for “@therichbrooks” should bring back the same results as seeing all my mentions, right?

Turns out…not so much. This is a recent example of my mentions column vs. my @therichbrooks search on TweetDeck. I’ve highlighted the tweets that only appear in one column.

Mentions vs. Search (@therichbrooks)

You’ll just have to take my word for it that the last few in the right (search) column didn’t appear further down the page in the mentions column.

I can’t seem to find any rhyme or reason: it’s not specific to whether the tweets start with @therichbrooks, whether they’re a RT, whether I follow the person, or whether the tweet comes from a beautiful woman.

I also ruled out the possibility that it was TweetDeck; the mentions page and search at showed the same results as above.

At this point I’m actually keeping both columns up and running on TweetDeck so I don’t miss any other mentions. I just wonder what important messages and opportunities I’ve missed already. ūüôĀ

Rich Brooks
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