Can Multiple People Tweet Under One Corporate Account?

Dear Rich,

I really enjoyed your presentation yesterday at the Great Bay
and I walked away with a lot of useful tips and info. 

be interested in your opinion re: a company Twitter account. We have
one that is managed by only one person in the agency: all
Tweets come from her. 

  1. Is there a way to give others access to the
    same Twitter account so that others can also Tweet 
  2. Do you think
    this is a good idea?


–Wondering in Wakefield

Dear Wondering,

Thanks! That's great to hear.

Yes, it's easy to give multiple people access to one Twitter account.
I do this with our Social Media FTW account, which gets contributions from me, @jakks and @ccmaine.

We all just know the login and password; I've also added
@socialmediaftw as an account on TweetDeck and Tweetie, 3rd party apps
for my desktop and iPhone respectively. That way I can send out tweets
from my main account and @socialmediaftw as needed.

The 2nd part of your question is more complex. Having multiple people tweet from a single account can be a good idea,
unless the person who's been tweeting for you feels like she's losing
some of her independence, but that's more of an HR situation rather than a marketing one.

It might
also be helpful for multiple people in your organization to have their
own Twitter accounts.
These could be "corporate" accounts, like
rachel_yourco, sue_yourco, etc., or they could be their own
accounts, where they tweet about your company as part of their ongoing twittering, similar to what I
do w/@therichbrooks.

Hope this helps!

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