Facebook Marketing Tactics #smx

Dennis Yu, CEO, BlitzLocal LLC

  • Facebook is NOT AdWords
  • Facebook tool – Lexicon
  • About identity, not queries
  • Gender/demographic differences
  • Profile attributes as keywords – use profile attributes as a proxy for keywords (Top 12: Simpsons, house, Family Guy, Music, Barack Obama, Dormir, Grey’s Anatomy, Chocolate, Friends, Nutella, Sleeping, Pizza)
  • What sites do your customers visit? Use Quantcast.
  • 74% of Facebook advertising in 2009 will come from Local.
  • Ads with images have far higher CTR
  • Use call tracking numbers for your ads
  • Facebook = AdWords, circa 2003
    – Tough for agencies – no AdWords editor
  • Ad multiplication (use multiplication of 10 images, 3 body copy, 5 demo targets [age and gender], 2 landing pages = 300 options)
  • Interest targeting
  • Ads are fragile, much more manual, high burnout rates
  • Facebook is email marketing – you want to send people to your fan page. Emails burn out fast, messaging on Facebook doesn’t.
  • You can target really well – people are honest about who they are, what they do
  • The secret: drive them to your fan page, but not to the wall
  • What to expect next?
    – Will become more competitive, more expensive

Marty Weintraub, President, aimClear

  • A ton of opportunity (300 million users)
  • Internal search isn’t all that great
  • Edit privacy settings for your page’s search visibility
  • For apps, always put the keyword in the name
  • Put location in name for events!
  • Web results – uses Bing
  • Post by friends is chronological
  • Select being found by everyone

Facebook Tips

  • Best Use: crowd mining
  • Give more than you take
  • Share links to optimized Content
  • Put most important information in titles
  • Optimize photo albums
  • Bing serves double duty
  • Do whatever it takes to lift group and page fan count
  • Gain immediate prominence with paid ads

Will Scott, President, Search Influence

Some Sneaky Facebook Opportunities

  • Target just your fans or people coming to an event with Ads
  • Birthday Targeting (Happy Birthday, get your free product from us!)
  • 1:1 communication with Event attendees/maybes

Happy Birthday!

  • Beat banner blindness w/ hypertargeted ads
  • Applifies immediacy
  • Offer redemptions often include complimentary sales
  • Great way to attract new customers
  • Excellent for retail/service businesses

Event invitations

  • The second you respond maybe/yes, you have access to actual email inboxes
  • Move those “maybe attending” off the fence

Facebook Advertising ROI

  • Huge savings cost/lead
  • Advertising is CHEAP!

Rebecca Kelley, Director of Social Media, 10e20

Facebook Groups

  • Pre-pages Pages
  • Analogous to a forum

Why join a Group?

  • Find groups related to a business
  • Find targeted users/demographics/potential customers
  • Promote brand via comments, links, etc.

Why start a group?

  • Run it like your own forum
  • Help people, answer questions
  • Traffic back to the site
  • Subtle branding and interaction

Other thoughts

  • Multiple admins on groups – one admin can “boot” another
  • Groups can be self-sustainable

Best Practices for Groups

  • Choose the name wisely (KEYWORDS!)
  • Address a need
  • Be mindful of the size of the group (<5000, you can email private messages)
  • Participate and be helpful; don’t join if you’re not going to genuinely contribute
  • Update frequently

Facebook Pages

  • Set up for “fans” of something
  • Consist of pretty much anything (causes, corporations, etc.)

What create a Facebook Page?

  • Branding
  • To find/communicate with an appropriate audience of like-minded individuals
  • Traffic
  • Stickiness
  • Reputation management
  • Could create a trendy new angle (run by comedy.com: Laughing fan page)
  • Add fan page widget to website

Best Practices for Creating & Marketing a Page

  • Create something fun: branded vs. non-branded
  • Be “non-commercially” commercial
  • What appeals to a broad range of people (think outside the box, word in an interesting way)
  • Customize your URL
  • Stay on topic (FB might penalize you if you veer off topic)


  • Differences between B2B and B2C marketing: Segment by jobs
  • Get links to Facebook page
  • You can update fans (via geo-targeting, demographic) – comes in as an update
  • Instead of sending someone to your Facebook wall (they’ll see the last 10 things people said), send them to a call-to-action page (if you’re lazy, you can even send them to an iFrame page of your site with an email capture)
  • Facebook is the “other internet”
  • Facebook or blog? Do what you can spend resources on; if you can do one well, you can do both well