Analytics for Social Media #smx

Chris Bennett, Co-Founder, BLVD Status

What should you track?

  • Traditional metrics
  • Micro conversions (non traditional)
    – Outgoing clicks
    – RSS subscribers
  • Indirect results (aftermath)
    – ROI

Traditional metrics

  • Referring traffic
  • Conversions
  • Brand and search type
  • Google Analytics
    – Visits and page views
    – Compare to average traffic for day/week/month previous
    – Visitor loyalty/time on site
  • Referring sites/sources
    – quantity?
    – quality?
    – new? (leveraging future campaigns)
  • Conversions occurring more?
  • Identify top referring sources
  • Surge in brand queries
  • Increases in direct traffic

Micro Conversions

  • Outgoing link clicks (RSS subscribers, Twitter, Facebook fans)
  • Newsletters, opt-in list
  • Google Analytics > Profiles settings> Goal settings > Head match, put onclick: java code in WordPress code

Indirect Results

  • Backlinks
  • Total search traffic
  • Search keywords
  • Conversions that come with search
  • Keyword vitals – tool to keep track of stats

David Berkowitz, Director of Emerging Media & Client Strategy, 360i

David’s got a lot of great pictures and case studies, so here’s the presentation.

Augustin Vasquez, Analytics specialist, NVI

Case Study: Client Description

  • Major men’s magazine, Cosmo for women
  • Received over 10 million visits/month
  • Target men 18-35


  • Increase page view visits
  • Increase incoming links

Other client info

  • Multi-page articles= 3 x more average page views per visit
  • Multi-page articles containing 2-11 pges

Problem? The social mob: negative comments on longer multi-page articles

Luckily, backlinks weren’t harmed because of negative comments.

Social Traffic vs. All Traffic

  • All traffic drops off after 2nd page of article
  • Social traffic to articles is much more steady than the rest of the traffic

Long term success threatened?

  • Recruitement of new readers
  • Brand perception and promotion of site: seen of drop of natural submissions to social plaforms

To calm the mob

  • Find a reasonable length without compromising page views (3-4 pages for a normally 10 page article)
  • Introduce existing fans to social media sites

Be creative with metrics

  • Vertical of the article: sports, finance, science, etc. Benchmark with each other
  • If pushed on a particular platform, try segmenting by submitter
  • Effects on different platforms


  • Helpful tools for social analytics? Twitalyzer, URL shorteners, Twitter metrics on followers, Omniture Twitter monitoring tool, Social Media Firefox plugin, Scout Labs, Radiant 6, People Browsr
  • Determine sentiment on blogs? Very subjective, best done manually.
  • Watch live what’s going on with Analytics if you’re in the middle of a campaign.
  • Reddit likes business, world news, finance; Digg likes sports, science, health; StumbleUpon anything works in a moderate way