Wellesley Weston Magazine Blog

Wellesley-westonLast week flyte launched a new photo-centric blog for Wellesley Weston magazine.

When Beth Furman, the publisher, first approached us she was looking for a way to easily display all the photos that wouldn't fit in her beautiful, glossy magazine targeting residents of Wellesley and Weston, Massachusetts. The About Town section was extremely popular, but it was impossible to add all the event photos to the print magazine.

With WordPress, a few key plugins and some experienced know-how (thanks, Andy!) we were able to make it simple for her to upload those photos and categorize them by events. We also made adding new ads to the rotating banners point-and-click easy.

Additional benefits include the ability for attendees to leave comments below their photos and additional advertising opportunities for Wellesley Weston Magazine. If you're looking to reach this attractive demographic, be sure to visit The Wellesley Weston Magazine blog and contact Beth.

If you're looking for a way of extending your magazine's reach, be sure to contact flyte new media.

Rich Brooks
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