How to Find Authentic, Interesting People on Twitter

…or as spammer would have you believe: How to get 200 followers a day!!!

#FollowFriday or #ff

When done properly, FollowFridays are a great way to increase your Twitter network. The way it works is simple: on Fridays, you suggest your followers follow a certain tweep in particular. You can see that there’s the added benefit when the reverse is true: recommendations from the people you follow.

Look for the icon

twitter verified accountSome time ago, Twitter launched its Verified Accounts for businesses and celebrities. With all of the copycat Tweeps out there, this is how Twitter is attempting to set your mind at ease.


I’ve talked about the utterly incredible #MEtweetups we have here in Portland, and they really are a great place to meet new folks on Twitter – both to meet some you follow already IRL (In Real Life) and others you hadn’t been following before!

Search for ’em

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