National Form Awareness Day: Are You In Compliance?

Today is National Form Awareness Day and the government is requesting that you check your Web site forms.

OK, I just made that up.

However, it makes sense to regularly check the forms on your Web site. Why?

  1. When someone completes a form on your site they're often taken to what's called a landing page. This page isn't part of your regular navigation, nor is it a page you see every day. Often, it contains information that's no longer relevant or even completely wrong. By filling out your own forms you'll see what your prospects see.
  2. Depending on the type of form you have set up on your site, visitors may also receive an autoresponder email. Again, you don't see these emails, but they're delivered to your prospects' email inboxes with your name on it. Do you even remember what your autoresponder says?
  3. Occasionally, for no good reason, a form can "go off the tracks." Maybe there was a database error, maybe you ran out of room on the server, maybe it was a random bug. Unfortunately, these problems don't always fix themselves. If you find that you've stopped getting contact form emails you should test the form immediately and let your Web developer know if you find a problem.

Also, if you are receiving a lot of junk through your contact form it's probably time to upgrade to a form that does a better job filtering out that junk. If you have any questions on that please let us know.

Rich Brooks
Web Designer