It’s All About the Click: Fundamentals of Paid Search Marketing – Webinar with George Seybold

I just watched the MarketingProfs’ webinar with George Seybold, head of Seybold Scientific, put on a great presentation on PPC basics. Here are some of my notes from the presentation:

Advertising Basics

  • Traditional Advertising – TV, radio, print; impression based
  • Banner Advertising – online equivalent of traditional advertising; impression based
  • Pay-per-click – performance based

…and they all work together…

  • Traditional – awareness, informative, branding, sales lead
  • Banner Ads – awareness, informative, branding, sales lead
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) – awareness, informative, branding, sales lead, closest point of sale
  • The way they flow:
    Awareness & Branding –> Research –> Promotion & Point of Sale

Example: Car Buying

  1. Awareness: TV, radio, search
  2. Consideration: website, brochures
  3. Point of Sale: PPC, website

Great quote from George: You have to be present to be selected.

Rules of Thumb

  • PPC is not necessarily good for…
    – building awareness
    – branding
  • PPC is good for…
    – incentive
  • Banners are great for…
    – branding

Why do we search?

  • Answer questions
  • Find information
  • Validation
  • Entertainment
  • Find products/services

How PPC providers differ

  • Cost – Google is approximately 50% more expensive than other search engines
  • Relevance – Google gets 63% of total traffic
  • Demographics – Ask heavily targets women
  • Shopping – New market entrant Bing is focused on Ecommerce
  • Psychographic – Yahoo targets the financial/news-focused


  • Lower cost per click (CPC)
  • Financial/news target
  • Attempt to drive searchers to the search engine
  • Yahoo Mail solution is very popular
  • 2nd largest search provider


  • Greatest search
  • De-facto search standard
  • Most advanced/relevant results
  • More advertiser competition, more searchers to balance
  • Largest content network (Adsense)


  • Female demographic
  • NO right hand column advertising
  • Sponsored links are (almost) indistinguishable from organic results
  • Lower CPC
  • Less overall search result


  • New! (as of about a week ago)
  • Targeted for Ecommerce
  • Freshly positioned as the “new type” of search engine
  • Hybrid of Google, Yahoo, and Ask
  • Decision-based search results

Ad Creation Basics

  • Keyword selection
    – Use descriptive words (cd player vs. cd)
    – Think like your customer (cd album vs. compact disk)
    – Balance of search volume to competition (mp3 cds vs. best cd)
    – Longer tail search term is closer to the sale (red nike tennis shoes vs. tennis shoes) 
    – Recognize terms used across other industries (CD – compact disk vs. CD – Certificate of Deposit) 
  • Can I pay for the first position in Google? No…quality score. 
  • Quality Score – Google’s algorithm for PPC, based on: 
     1. relevance of keyword
    2. performance of ad click through rate (CTR) 
  • Ad Copy
    – Needs an incentive, call-to-action
    –  Use geo-targeting (region, zip code, country, language, etc.)
  • Measurement/Goals: Google Analytics
    Focus on:
    – New visitors (should be upwards of 75%)
    – # Pages/visit
    – Bounce rate (should be less than 50%) 

Some PPC Jargon

  • Keywords – what your consumers are searching for
  • Impressions – number of times ad is presented
  • Cost-per-click (CPC) – money you pay for a click
  • Click-thru-rate (CTR) – ration of impressions/clicks
  • Conversion – reaching a desired goal

Nicki Hicks
Maine SEM 

4 Responses to “It’s All About the Click: Fundamentals of Paid Search Marketing – Webinar with George Seybold”

  1. Marcel

    Nice summary. It was a good refresher for me. I was unaware of the SE demographics.

  2. George Seybold


    Thank you for the positive review. If you or any of your readers would like the actual slide deck for your own use please let me know. I am happy to provide it and any clarification on points I made during the presentation.

    All the best,

    George Seybold

  3. Nicki

    @Marcel – I wasn’t either! Good to know, though.

    @George – Thanks for the great presentation! You had a ton of great info, thought it was a great introduction to PPC.