Should I Purchase A Keyword Rich Domain and Redirect It?

Dear Nicki,

Are there any advantages to purchasing a domain with strong keywords and redirecting it to my website?

–Wondering in Wisconsin

Dear Wondering,

No, there are seemingly no SEO advantages. But let me take a step back. I would argue that if this was a new website, then you might as well go with a keyword rich domain. There are still discrepancies as to whether or not search engines actually pay attention to keyword rich domains. Humans, however, might click on a keyword rich URL before what I would call a spammy-looking domain.

The only way this strategy might possibly work is if a) you promote those other sites for tracking purposes or b) other websites link to your other domains (assuming they use keyword rich anchor text) and the link juice would thereby be passed to your current website. But, why waste the in-between domain and simply worry about promoting your current domain and getting keyword rich backlinks to your actual site?

The thing is, if you’re doing all the right things at your existing site, there’s no need to start building a network of keyword rich redirects.

Nicki Hicks
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6 Responses to “Should I Purchase A Keyword Rich Domain and Redirect It?”

  1. Carolyn

    Hey Nicki, I agree with what you had to say here, but my life experience is that new domains are actually indexed for the keywords in the domain name pretty quickly. I’ve seen it time and time again. Of course, if you choose keywords for which there’s already a ton of competition and domains that have been around for eons, it doesn’t matter. However, regional word + keyword often has had wondrous results. Without looking for quality inbound links right away, and continuously developing content, any ground that’s gained by clever domain will eventually be lost…

  2. Joshua Knowles

    Dear Nicki Hicks,

    I strongly disagree with you. Keyword rich domain names are a huge factor in search engine rankings and have been for a looong time.

    Affiliate marketers bank on keyword rich domain names.

    By the way, is a great keyword rich domain. As far as the keyword, maine seo, it has low competition, with Google reporting 2,400 searches per month. I’m sure it was not difficult to rank, especially with such a keyword rich domain. 🙂

    Very nice blog. A lot of great information. Keep it up!

  3. john martin

    today it came to me, what if i redirect keyword rich domain to my domain. its easy and cheap and lead to no penalty. What would be a SEO advice – of course no, this kind of thinks still their jobs