Autoresponder Limits on Constant Contact

On a long ago post I talked about Constant Contact vs. some other email newsletter services. Recently, "DannyeW" left the following comment:

According to the woman at Constant Contact, they only allow 5 messages with their autoresponder system….CC is much better which is why I was
hoping to use them for my ezine and to build my list. However, I also
need more than 5 message to send out ecourses, etc.

Since my original post is so old, I figured I'd "elevate" the comment to a fresh post.

I hadn't used the autoresponder yet from Constant Contact (CC) so I went to investigate. It appears DannyeW is right: there is currently a limit of five messages (emails) you can send out from a single autoresponder. Although I'd like CC to remedy this, here's something you can do yourself.

If you have more than 5 messages you'd like to send via autoresponder, employ the cliff hanger approach: in the fifth email tease the answer or solution you offer, but only to those who sign up for the 2nd batch of autoresponders.

I wouldn't try this more than once, and I'd let subscribers know that they won't have to resubscribe again.

Not a perfect solution, but you will find that those who sign up for both autoresponders will turn out to be your best prospects.

If you'd like to give Constant Contact a free spin you can do so now.

Rich Brooks
Email Marketing Guy

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