Link Building for the Economically Savvy Business

handshakeLink building is all about building relationships: approaching a blogger or webmaster and literally saying “Hi, this is what I offer. I think you might be interested” is all it takes (with a little more flattery and the personal touch, of course).

As a Search Engine Marketer, it’s apart of my job to “court” bloggers and webmasters and establish links for clients. Once I’ve established that relationship, what’s to say the client can’t go ahead and maintain it? With the proper training, strategy, and ongoing consulting, it’s very doable! With that in mind, let’s define two very different types of clients:

1. Small business with a small budget

In this case, I would much rather put tools in place to help the company build relationships in-house.  As the SEO, I could establish link relationships for the company, then see the client succeed in continuing to build onto that relationship after training.
So what we would do is:

  • Identify appropriate websites/bloggers/webmasters to pursue for links
  • Submit clients’ articles to the right article distribution and buzz sites


  • The client writes quality blogs and articles that are both more keyword rich and will result in the possibility of more comments and backlinks
  • We train the client to leave thought provoking comments on blogs
  • We train the client to continuously be searching for inspiration, “hot” new topics, and bloggers to court

2. Business with less time and more budget

This client is, more likely, a larger business with no extra time or manpower to build link building relationships. They have a larger budget, and are willing to use it. In this case, we’d be more than happy to keep poking and prodding for continual link building.

Since we deal with so many small businesses, we understand the fact that marketing budgets have decreased due to the current economic environment. Sometimes, educating clients and giving them the right tools is the perfect solution.

Nicki Hicks
Linking in Tough Times

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    Submitting to web directories is a vital part of every successful link building strategy. Apart from driving traffic to your website through direct referrals, web directories provide static, one-way links to your site, boosting your link popularity and improving your rankings on the major search engines like Google and Yahoo.

  2. Nicki

    Agreed – quick, easy, you get the link…and YOU’ve inspired another post out of me!