How to Plan, Promote and Produce an Effective Webinar

For a while now I've been hearing from people who would ask when I was putting on one of my seminars outside of my home state of Maine. Since flyte's travel budget has never been what it could be, I missed out on a lot of opportunities (since putting on seminars often leads to work for flyte), and some people didn't learn what they wanted to.

For whatever reason, it took me a while to warm up to Webinars. In part, the software options were limited for producing a Webinar on a Mac, and until recently Webinars were fairly expensive.

However, towards the end of 2008 I began putting on Webinars, both of the paid and free variety, and I haven't looked back.

I put on free Webinars for flyte's clients, and paid ones for everyone else. My buddy Craig can't believe that a) anyone could sit through a 60 – 90 minute Webinar without dozing off, and b) anyone would pay for a Webinar.

I believe that if you make people pay for a Webinar you increase the (perceived) value of the Webinar and you scare off the tire kickers. When someone has to pay for a Webinar, they pay attention.

There are a lot of ways to marketing and produce a Webinar, and I'm not suggesting my way is even the best way. However, I share my "secrets" in the most recent article of flyte log, "How to Plan, Promote and Produce an Effective Webinar."

Whether you're planning on putting on Webinars for free, or as another stream of income, you should find this article a helpful primer.

Rich Brooks
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