SEO and the iPhone

Shortly after I purchased my iPhone, I realized how much easier it was to access those websites that have a specific site for the iPhone (and smartphones, in general, for that matter).  Websites I use all the time and do not have an app are especially helpful – such as my bank’s site and (a microblogging service that “pings” what I write to several social media sites).

Here’s what looks like in my Firefox web browser:

Ping’s iPhone version is a much simpler version, and therefore much easier to upload:

Not only will special iPhone websites upload more quickly, but you can actually increase your search engine visibility by creating one.  I just read an article by Denver SEO Guy Knox about SEO for the iPhone.  This gentleman from Denver gives a step-by-step plan to creating your very own iPhone site using WordPress.

With the direction web users and smartphones are headed, it’s silly NOT to think about SEO for iPhones.  I’m excited to learn more about Search and the iPhone at SMX East next week!

Nicki Hicks
I love my iPhone

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  1. Knox

    Hi Nicki, thanks for coming by my blog. Hope the convention is all you are hoping it is! Though that WordPress theme looks like a native iPhone app, it doesn’t “feel” as fluid (horizontal scrolling). The HTML template used for porting sites does offer that though – just a heads up for you readers.

    Thanks again, would like to hear about your SMX experience that’s happening – NOW:)