Facebook Fortunes: How to Market Your Blog, Business & Brand on Facebook – #bwe08

Speaker: Shama Hyder

What is FB really about? Authenticity & Transparency.

Never use your company name as your FB profile name. Be a person.

Direct Connection w/Community. Her blog is all biz, but invites people to connect on FB. FB allows you to engage in a new, deeper manner. Way to build relationships and then community.

FB allows you to share personal side that isn’t shown elsewhere.
How do you make it happen?

Mari Smith: Have unlimited fan pages b/c you’re limited to 5K friends. Not as interactive, though. Radical Strategic Visibility. Make friends w/influential people in your industry. Build up “ambient awareness”; small pieces of info builds up a holistic appearance. FB and twitter gives you a pre-existing friendship w/people when you meet them IRL.

FB as relationship building tool.

It’s not for interruption marketing. FB not good for pushy, spamming meeting.

It’s not products and marketing, so how do you make your fortune?

You’ve got a great idea, it’s exciting, how do you get movement? People on FB are telling you they’re more active online.

Case Study 1: HARO (Help a Reporter Out). Peter Shankman.
You can get 70% or more response rate from groups, but limited at 5K. She suggested HARO take it to a blog. It all started on FB. Now he has 30K readers.

Case Study 2: Big Ticket Mastermind – Kevin Nations. Doesn’t sell anything on FB. He helps people sell big ticket items.

KN takes stage. Your goal should be to create fan group on FB. Even the negative responses (can’t come) were there in the group compared to ezine

Develop interactive conversation. Write passionately.

You must work to keep fan pages clean and clear.

Tell people exactly what you want them to do. Check out BTM for ideas of how to implement a strategy.

Shama back. Must establish rules.

Create a domain name that takes them to facebook group. Do a lot of case studies and put them up on FB.

Case Study 3: Free Rice – non-profit. Use test to engage people on FB, clicking through feeds the hungry.

Key Takeaways:
•    Think relationship marketing – don’t push your products
•    Passion = community
•    Start with FB and Build out.

Create different pages for different audiences.

Groups vs. pages vs. fan

Groups: good: interactivity. Bad: limited to 5K members.

Fan Pages: great for visibility. Fan pages can appear on Google.

First engage related groups, then try and bring people over.

How do you separate personal page from business? Shama recommends not putting stuff up than you would be embarrassed by.

How do you connect w/buyers (and not competitors.) Real estate question. Add value. Use advanced search to find people. Create a group around finding the best house for the money. Just provide info and DON’T PUSH.

Should you accept all friend requests? If you are looking to take the connection to the next level, then yes. Shama accepts everyone, but it’s a choice she’s made.

How do you get older people to overcome their FB prejudices? Show them the stats that 35+ people are joining.

Myspace is more blue collar, FB is more white collar (based on stats.)

Fan page: cheerleading. Group: interactive.

“What stimulates continual interaction is continual interaction.” Kevin Nation. In other words, to keep groups active, you must keep the group active.

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