Back Cove Yachts: Maine Built Yachts

Last week flyte launched a site for Back Cove Yachts, a Maine-based boat building company infused with tradition.

Visitors to the site can get learn more about the different models Back Cove offers, review the specs and performance data, download brochures, view images and even take virtual tours.

Owners of Back Cove yachts can submit photos to be included in the Owner’s Gallery that appears on the site. Future owners–as I like to call them–can check out Dealer Open Houses or find a dealer near them by entering their zip code into the Dealer Finder.

Flyte built a robust backend for Back Cove so that they could provide updated information to their network of dealers and manage parts of the Web site themselves. Dealers have one set of privileges while Back Cove has higher administrative control.

The site features loads of pictures and multimedia for every boat lover, so check it out!

Rich Brooks
Maine Web Site Design