What do Rich Brooks and Paris Hilton Have In Common?

We’re both going to jail.

Of course, my "incarceration" will raise money to help the MDA keep up the fight against Muscular Dystrophy, while hers will help raise the bottom line of media outlets everywhere.

If you’d like to bail me out of jail and help raise money for sending one of "Jerry’s kids" to MDA summer camp, or research into treatments and cures, or a wheelchair, leg braces, or just a support group, it’s not too late. Tomorrow (Wednesday, June 20th), at noon the police are going to pick me up at work and take me away.

At this point I’ve reached my personal goal, so there’s no ego left. If you can donate $25, $50 or whatever feels right to you, you’ll be making a big difference in someone’s life. And who doesn’t need a few more karma points?

You can donate at my special page online. Thanks.

Rich Brooks
Too Pretty for Jail