Freelance Photographer Wanted

Flyte needs it’s own Peter Parker.

We’re looking for a talented freelance photographer for an upcoming Web project that will include photos of Greater Portland (Maine.)

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional photographer with years of experience or a talented amateur…as long as you have an eye for what makes Portland and the surrounding area such a great place to live.

We’re looking for photos of buildings, the waterfront, cobblestone streets, store fronts, signs, and anything else that makes Portland unique and interesting. We may request some specific shots and we’d be looking to take ownership of these photos.

Please send an email with examples of your work; photos of urban areas and the waterfront are a plus. We’ll also need to know what you would charge for a "day rate" for going out and taking photos to meet our specific needs.

Photo credit, links to your site and price are negotiable. This may be an ongoing or recurring need.

Rich Brooks
J. Jonah Jameson