Fix Your Marketing Blog is TypePad’s Blog of the Day!

I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate our friends (and business blog consulting clients) Katie Sternberg and Allison Kurpius of The Marketing Source…their blog, the Fix Your Marketing Blog, was named one of TypePad’s Featured Blogs today.

TypePad calls their blog "a castle of contemporary marketing wisdom with room after room of tools and resources for your perusal." Wow!

TP goes on to say:

[Katie and Allison] stress two things above all: don’t waste your marketing dollars and it is imperative to build a clear strategic marketing plan. Get an overview of current trends and Internet marketing while refreshing your memory with tips on traditional standbys like market research and customer service.
You will walk away with a carriage of do-it-yourself marketing ideas,
and a plan of action that begins with signing up to receive their free white paper, Marketing Plan or Marketing Mess?

I know I just blogged about them the other day, but if you’re a small business or non-profit looking for great marketing advice, be sure to check out the Fix Your Marketing Blog.

If you’re looking for help in designing, developing or promoting your own business blog, turn to the folks The Marketing Source turned to…flyte! (Did that come on too strong? Sorry.)

Rich Brooks
Business Blog Consulting

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