What Does a Small Business Need to Succeed Online?

If you’re running a small business or startup, and have been wondering what you need to get going and be successful online, turn on your TV. (First, though, move to Maine.)

Tonight I’ll be talking about Web sites and Web marketing for small businesses on Maine’s NBC affiliate WCSH Channel 6’s evening news program 207.

We’ll talk (briefly!) about search engine optimization, email marketing, blogs, podcasts and more. Watch me try and cram 8 hours of seminars into 5 minutes without my head exploding!

The show begins at 7pm tonight, 9/21/06.

If you need more than five minutes of information, be sure to check out the continuing ed course I’ll be teaching over at the University of Southern Maine: Web Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses. It’s offered over 4 Wednesdays, 10/18 – 11/8, 6:30pm – 8:30pm.

Again, it might be easier if you first move to Maine. Here are a couple of options of people to talk to about that.

Rich Brooks
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