TypePad Adds Technorati Tag Fields

Adding Technorati tags to posts has never been easy in TypePad. In fact, I created a little movie a while back so that clients could watch it as many times as they like.

But now TypePad has added a Technorati Tags field near the bottom the New Post page. Just separate your tags with commas and you’re all set. No need to muck around with the Edit HTML tab.

While this is a good solution for most users, not being able to get under-the-hood does frustrate me on a few points:

  • I don’t like to brand my tags as "Technorati Tags."
  • I like the flexibility of sending those links to places other than the Technorati tag pages. I.e., a tag on Search Engine Optimization could point to my page on SEO at flyte.biz.
  • I prefer pipes over commas. (I know, small thing.)

Rich Brooks
Still looking under the hood…

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