Internet Marketing Tools for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

During my recent clean up of my blogroll I reduced my lists to Output: where I contribute, and Input: where I get my ideas.

Unfortunately, I removed my Entrepreneurial Web Tools list. These are tools I’ve found helpful in marketing our business, and hopefully they’ll be of service to any small business owner or entrepreneur out there.

Here’s a detailed list of the Entrepreneurial Web Tools blogroll:

Basecamp. Basecamp is the project management software we use at flyte and I couldn’t imagine life without it. This is one of my favorite productive tools that I use, day in and day out.

Recently, during the maternity leave of our project manager, I was pressed into PM service again, and rediscovered how great this piece of software really is. The one project version is free, but once you’ve tried it they will have hooked you.

Constant Contact. This is the email service provider we use for our own e-zine, flyte log, and the one we recommend to all of our clients. Easy-to-use tools and great reporting makes CC a good choice for any company that wants to set up a permission-based email marketing campaign.

Plus, you can hire a Web designer to create customized templates for you so that you can manage your own account, publishing newsletters on your schedule without having to engage a developer for each issue.

flyte log. If you’re looking for great advice on how to drive more qualified traffic to your site, engage your visitors online, and build a Web site that builds your business, look no further than flyte’s own email newsletter, flyte log.

When you subscribe, you’ll also get subscriber-only articles including "The 11 Biggest Mistakes Small Business Bloggers Make," "10 Questions to Ask Before Setting Up a Web site," and "The 11 Commandments for Writing Web Copy for the Non-Copywriter."

PayPal. Dipping your toe in the e-commerce ocean? PayPal may be the perfect place to start. With no startup fees, no monthly fees, no need for a security certificate, gateway processor or secure server, it’s a great way for small businesses and entrepreneurs to take credit cards online at a fraction of the normal costs.

iSnare. While I haven’t tested every article distribution service out there, I was incredibly impressed that my article I submitted to iSnare was carried by over 900 Web sites and ezines…all linking back to me and all for $2! For more details, check out this article I wrote about my experience with iSnare.

If you’re looking for hundreds of incoming links, looking to establish your expertise, and looking to reach prospects who never would have heard of you otherwise, be sure to check out iSnare.

Keyword Discovery. Are you interested in driving quality traffic from Google and Yahoo to your site? Of course you are. So don’t take chances on guessing what words your prospects are using at the major search engines. Keyword Discovery lets you research your keyphrases and uncover other keyphrases that might be much more effective.

Seven Days to Search Engine Success. This
online e-course was  written by yours truly, so let’s not pretend this
is an unbiased report. If you’re looking to get a good understanding of
how to write copy and develop a Web site that will drive qualifed
search engine traffic your way, look no further.

Well, it’s not an exhaustive list, but if you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, this list should certainly get you going.

What online tools are you using to help your small business grow and thrive?

Rich Brooks
Small Business Owner

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