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"What do I blog about?"

It’s a question I hear often from small business owners and entrepreneurs.
Often, when we’re consulting with a client on their blog we create a "recommended reading list." It’s usually a combination of blogs from the client’s industry, similar industries, and a "usual suspects" list of blogs on blogging (like flyte’s blog.)

Well, I think I’ll be adding Pajama Market to my usual suspects. It’s a combination of Small Business Blogs of the Day and interviews with those small business bloggers. Whatever your small business is, you can find examples from other small bloggers that you can steal from.

Recent featured blogs include Green Cine Daily, featuring movie reviews from a DVD rental company, Wool Winders, a knitting blog from a knitting store,  and The Tap Room, a blog from a London pub. How’s that for variety?

If I have one complaint (and apparently I do) it’s the dearth of categories. Currently there are only four: Blogging Info, Personal, Small Business Blog Interview and Small Business Blog of the Day. It would be great if there were some categories that covered the type of businesses, such as "Retail", "Service Industry", and so on. As small businesses fall of the home page they tend to disappear.

Still, if you’re a small business owner and you think there’s nothing for you to blog about, be sure to check out Pajama Market first.

If you are already blogging your small business, well maybe you should submit your blog for consideration!

Rich Brooks
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