Why Does Santa Want My PayPal Login?

So, I was giving some more thought to my earlier post on the clever PayPal phishing scam. Normally, the phishing scams take you to some random Web site or IP address that appears to be there solely for the purpose of collecting login information.

However, this time the URL caught my eye. Although the full URL pointed to a page deep within the site, the domain was santaphonecall.com. This is a Web site where you can buy a call from Santa Claus for your kid. It appears to be a legitimate service for people who want their kid to have a conversation with Santa.

So what gives? Is someone hijacking Santa’s Web site, or is Mrs. Claus looking for some extra spending money during the slow season? (Emails to the company have yet to be responded to.)

What’s equally interesting is when I went to the URL. (I know that’s dangerous, but I’ll do just about anything to get to the truth for you people.) I saw the following:


Looks like Google’s got my back!

BTW, looks like I’m not the only one who has found this link:

Rich Brooks
Santa’s Little Watch Dog

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