Things I Learned from Alternative Search Engines

In preparing for my upcoming segment on 207, a segment on alternative search engines, I learned a lot of things.

Al Jezeera interviewed Donald Rumsfeld.

Q: Would you consider radio, like (inaudible) radio which is civilian radio that was hit and the Pentagon declared that in the briefing with reporters, a civilian or a military target?

Rumsfeld: Well, there’s no question but that the several radio stations and the television station in the country were controlled by Taliban. They certainly were not what anyone would characterize as free press or free media. They were propaganda vehicles for the Taliban leadership and for the people that are harboring the terrorists and for the al Qaeda.

Q: So Voice of America controlled by the U.S. government would be also a target for Taliban if they had the chance to do it?

Rumsfeld: Think about it this way. Voice of America is paid for by the United States government, but it has an independence that it says what it wishes to say and is not controlled by the Department of State.

Q: So it depends on the message itself and then built on the content, analysis of the message from the radio we could decide whether to hit it or not, right?

Rumsfeld: Well, I guess everyone has to make their own decisions.

There are very few lifeguard jobs in Nebraska.

There are at least 16 meat-free, kosher pork dishes.

There are many scary things to see on the Web when you shut off the parental filter at

Rich Brooks
It was research, dammit!

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