Net Neutrality and Small Business on the Web

Have you heard of "net neutrality?"

Network neutrality is the idea that network providers such as AT&T or Verizon can’t determine what information on the Internet has priority; it keeps these providers from giving preferential treatment to partners and corporations that are willing to pay more (read: those with deeper pockets.)

Although there are smart people (and giant corporations) on both sides of the debate, small businesses and entrepreneurs benefit from net neutrality, as we could never afford to spend individually what a Verizon partner spends for preferential treatment.

Imagine if only Wal-Mart, McDonalds and similar delivery trucks were allowed on the highway, with the rest of us taking side streets to get from place to place. How long would small businesses and entrepreneurs survive in a business climate like that?

Oddly, this seems to be a partisan debate. I would think this would cut across party lines to anyone who wanted to be a friend of small business.

Personally, I have little faith in the pressure of online campaigns, but for those of you who feel motivated, here are some links to petition sites:

Rich Brooks
Net Neutral

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