Rich Brooks: As Seen on TV

Set your VCRs! Fire up your TiVos! Get the popcorn poppin’!

Next week I’ll appear on TV not once but twice!

I haven’t been on TV since I was a kid, when my dad (Dr. Robert Brooks) used to be a regular on Good Day and had my and my brother Doug on a Father’s Day special with Marvelous Marvin Hagler and his sons. (Oh, wait, there was the episode of Cops, but my face was all blurry.)

On Tuesday, Nov. 8th, at 7pm I’ll be talking about blogging on 207, a news magazine show.

On Thursday, Nov. 10th, I’ll be interviewed about podcasting on the Channel 6 news. Probably the 6pm news, and maybe again at 11. Not sure how long I’ll be on. They taped for about an hour, so figure 20 seconds.

Obviously, you’ll need to be in the broadcast area to see these shows, and if anything interesting happens those days I might get bumped. I’m praying for a slow news day.

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