Five Home Page Mistakes Small Businesses Make

No, I’m not on some kick trying to point out everyone’s mistakes. (See my recent article The 11 Biggest Mistakes Small Business Bloggers Make.)

However, I did just finish posting our newest podcast called Five Home Page Mistakes Small Businesses Make.

Too often I see small businesses making obvious, easy-to-fix mistakes on their home page. A Web site is often a small business’s marketing hub, and yet owners shoot themselves in the foot because they haven’t taken the time to do things right, or they value flash over substance.

Included in the podcast is a special offer to receive a free home page review from flyte; however, you’ll have to listen to the podcast to get the "code."

So please, take 13 minutes from your busy schedule,
download and listen to the most recent episode of flytecast: web
strategies for small business
. Find out if you’re guilty of any of these common home page mistakes.

If you’d like to subscribe to flytecast through the iTunes Music Store, be sure to check out this little instructional QuickTime movie I made. (4.3MB).

Rich Brooks
Web Marketing Podcasts