How Big a Problem is Click Fraud?

Inc. magazine has a sobering report on click fraud: So Many Clicks, So Few Sales.

Similar to an article the Wall St. Journal ran a few months back,
this one still exists online. It outlines and gives examples of the
ongoing problem of unethical competitors clicking on your pay-per-click
ads in order to rack up charges on your account.

Although none of my clients have the $2,000 a day habit (for PPC)
that is recounted here, it is important to go into PPC with both eyes

In the end, you may have little option but to accept fraudulent clicks
as a cost of doing business and recalculate your expected advertising
ROI accordingly. That’s what Karaoke Star is doing. Of course, it’s
also reserving the right to sue.

After all, this is America.

Rich Brooks
What’s the Antidote to Sobering?